Neel Kolhatkar

With 480,000 plus Facebook followers, in excess of 415,000 YouTube subscribers and millions of views across all platforms, Neel Kolhatkar is certified internet famous.

Charismatic, unapologetically anti-PC and still only 23 years of age, he has been dubbed as the “voice of Generation-Y” and “one of the brightest prospects in the comedy world.”

A prolific performer, Neel’s insightful, hard-hitting and at times scathing commentary on topics ranging from youth, media, gender and race; coupled with his array of character voices, impressions, crowd-work and charismatic stage presence has now charmed audiences across 5 countries.

The winner of The Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s national ‘Class Clowns’ Competition at the tender age of fifteen, a main cast member of the digital Emmy award winning TV show #7DaysLater in 2013 and the operator of a small business teaching improvisation and drama to children, Neel boasts a CV envied by other comics.

A talented filmmaker, Neel Kolhatkar is perfectly placed to become a global megastar in coming years. In 2017 he launched an exciting new creative project: Who Would You Rather which has been described as an “awkward combination of First Dates and Gogglebox.”

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Neel Kolhatkar