Kitt Campbell

Kitt “The Killer” Campbell is ready to shock the world. A future UFC sensation, Kitt’s raw natural ability and unstoppable perseverance combine to create one of the most exciting prospects on the current MMA landscape.

Raised on Phillip Island and leaving home at 17, Kitt describes himself as a rebellious youth who found his focus with a love of the art of fighting. Now on the cusp of a birth in the UFC and after four years as a professional athlete, he is ready to carve his own path as one of the most dominant fighters on the planet.

A judo practitioner since his early teens & with a father who was a Scottish judo champion, Campbell has fighting pedigree in his blood. He recalls his dad driving him to training each day as a junior, and believes that the practice of judo had a large impact on the level of precision, dedication and focus that he applies to his current training regime.

Now under the guidance of 7-time world kickboxing champion Tosca Petridis, Kitt feels unstoppable, and is growing physically and mentally with every fight.

Standing at 6’2, his reach and explosive striking are key to a pressure fighting style that has been fostered under Tosca. He is also a dangerous counter fighter, so has the ability to both shock an opponent when under attack as well as aggressively dominate them on the front foot.

Fighting professionally for four years since his Pro MMA debut in late 2013, the 23-year old has risen to the top of the welterweight division of the Hex Fight Series, winning his last four fights against Matt Cain, Kael Coster, Aldin Bates & John Vake (title fight). Only the beginning for Kitt.

A family man at heart, Campbell describes the importance of his partner Susie in his journey thus far. Despite living in Melbourne, he enjoys surfing as much as possible, and has a passion for environmental and marine conservation.

Kitt Campbell is currently sponsored by RVCA.

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