Dr Brad McKay

Dr Brad McKay is one of Australia’s most prominent doctors, health experts, and science communicators. With over a decade of experience in Family Medicine he can talk to a wide range of health and lifestyle related issues.

He is an experienced broadcaster, appearing regularly on numerous TV and radio programs including The Today Show, ABC Radio, and Talking Lifestyle. He was the host of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under on Channel 9 and Foxtel, and is a columnist for news.com.au and GQ Magazine.

From his practice in Sydney’s Darlinghurst Dr Brad has pursued special interests in mental health, men’s health, sexual health and more. He began studying medicine when he was only 16 years old, and was working as a doctor from the age of 21. He has experience treating indigenous communities, and has worked in rural Australia, Ireland and the UK.

Dr Brad is an engaging, energetic, and passionate speaker. He’s keen to share his knowledge and encourage others to stay motivated and live a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking Topics Include:

Longevity – How to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Cheating Death – The biggest killers and how to avoid them.

Happiness – What is happiness and how to achieve it.

Defeating Depression – Healthy mind, healthy body.

Motivation – Staying motivated in a busy world.

Recharge – Unlock your full potential with sleep.

Health innovation and technology – The future of staying healthy.

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Dr Brad McKay Dr Brad McKay